COGApa Introduction

The first fully integrated, musical, recordable automobile horn with built in public address system. The entire ergonomic control unit rests comfortably in the palm of your hand! Simply install the included horn under the hood and connect power.


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  Features:   coga at sema
Coga makes a splash at SEMA!
  • Automotive Public Address system.
    Just press a button and talk into the built-in microphone

  • Musical Car Horn.
    Plays over 80 built-in songs, sound effects, and voice sayings

  • Recordable Car Horn.
    Record and playback your own songs or sounds using the built in digital recorder

cogapa on pimp my ride
As seen on MTV's
Pimp my Ride


Use Coga's built-in songs and sounds or record your own. Record your school fight song, your favorite pop music, your dog barking - you name it! The possibilities are endless! Coga is a great aftermarket accessory for your car, truck, SUV, boat, golf cart, or RV.


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