COGApa Operation

This switch is located on the side of the unit.
- Play is used for normal operation and for the Public Address (PA) feature. All sounds come out of the horn.
- Program is used for setting memory locations M1-M4 to frequently used songs or sounds, or for recording your own sounds into M4. All sounds come out of the internal speaker without being sent to the horn.

Group Key
Selects next group of built in songs and sound effects. Each press of the Group key will advance to the next group and play the first song or sound in that group.
- Patriotic songs
- Horns
- Favorite songs
- Animal sounds
- Seasonal songs
- Voices
- Special Occasion Songs
- Sound Effects

Next Key
Cycles between all songs or sounds in the selected group

Store Key
Stores last played sound into one of four selected memory locations, for easy access later.

Memory Keys
Four memory locations M1, M2, M3, and M4 to store your favorite selections for easy access.

M4 can also be used to store up to 10 seconds of your own recorded sounds

Talk/Record Key
Press and hold to use Public Address feature in normal mode, or to record your own sounds in program mode. LED lights when PA is active or when recording.

Mic Active
Lights whenever the microphone is active for the PA or during the recording process.

In Play: Used for Public Address (PA) function.
In Program: Used to record your own sounds

Adjusts the volume of the Horn output.


To play a song or sound:
Press one of the memory locations M1, M2, M3, or M4 to play the currently stored sound in that location.
To Store Favorites in Memory locations M1 to M4:
Find the desired selection using Next & Group keys. use Store to repeat current selection.
When desired sound or song is found, press Store then press M1, M2, M3, or M4 to store that sound in that memory location. This is best done in Program mode so that all sound is on the internal speaker and not through the horn.
To Record your own song or sound:
Slide Mode switch to the "program" position. Press and hold the Talk key then speak or play sounds or music into the microphone. The LED will come on during recording and will go off when your release the Talk key or when the memory is filled up.
Your recording is automatically saved in M4. Press M4 to play it back. Slide Normal/Program back to Normal to lock recorded sound in memory.
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